Website Optimization Matters: Small Business Marketing On A Budget

Website Optimization & SEO

Its almost rote now to hear small-business owners say that word of mouth is their primary method of marketing. If your goal is grow, it probably not the best idea. A GE Capital Retail Bank Major Purchase Shopper Study revealed that for large purchases, 81% of consumers go online before going to a retail outlet and may spend two to three months gathering information before making a decision. That means enormous opportunity exist in a online channel.

For Small ticket items the online search is segmented more by desktop, tablet or mobile devices as the starting point. For mobile searches, more than half result in conversions within one hour – another great reason to investing in mobile-friendly web design).

Whether your products or services would be classified as big ticket or extremely affordable, the conclusion is the same: small-business owners and entrepreneurs that do keyword research and build out their web sites in accordance with best practices in search engine optimization (SEO) will be rewarded by search engines with more favorable SERP (search engine result placement) in organic search results. In other words, they will get more website traffic because their business listings will be placed directly in the path of prospective buyers who are researching products or services, or who are looking for a business online.

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