Website Design Feeling Stale? A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Help Revitalize It

For most companies, your website is arguably your most valuable marketing asset. It’s likely the first touchpoint for connecting with prospective clients and serves as the online representation of your brand. But over weeks and months of continual operation, even the shiniest websites can start to lose their luster.

If your company’s website hasn’t been substantively updated across design, content, or features in the past year or two, now may be the ideal time to give it meaningful refresh. Doing so can pay major dividends when it comes to better reaching, informing, converting, and ultimately winning new customers.

While a website overhaul requires an investment of time, resources, and budget, staying stagnant with an outdated site can also carry a real cost. Here are 5 signs it may be time to refresh your company’s website:

1) Your Website Design is Starting to Look Dated

Web design preferences change rapidly as technologies advance and new trends emerge in the marketplace. What was once considered sleek and modern can quickly start feeling tired or old-fashioned.

website design refreshIf your website design hasn’t been updated across layout, images, color scheme and other aesthetic elements recently, visitors may perceive this stylistic staleness as your company appearing out-of-touch or behind-the-curve when it comes to digital prowess.

This makes building website authority more difficult. Conversely, revitalizing your website with a modern, visually appealing redesign can make your company appear sharp, strategically savvy, and dialed into current buyer preferences.

2) Website Content Fails to Fully Address Buyer Needs

Over months and years, search intent and content consumption patterns evolve. The customer questions that arise also change as individuals move through different stages in their buyer journey.

If your website content mostly covers frequently asked questions from 1-2 years back without modification, it likely fails to directly address all emerging customer needs.

Conducting a website content audit can reveal substantive gaps in effectively answering today’s most common and impactful prospect questions.

Creating fresh website content in the form of new blog posts, guides, videos and other media that directly tackles newly arising information needs can better inform visitors while building goodwill.

3) Your Website Lacks Features to Fully Capture Leads

Digital innovation moves swiftly, meaning there are always new website features and functionalities emerging onto the scene. These range from AI chatbots to interactive calculators and assessments to data-backed custom recommendations.

If your company’s website lacks features like these that today’s prospects have come to expect, it can limit your ability to fully capture, nurture and convert high-quality leads.

Implementing some combination of rich media, assessments, sticky/floating CTAs and other conversion-focused features can help significantly boost lead gen results from your site’s traffic.

4) Your Website Isn’t Fully Mobile-Friendly

Since Google started prioritizing mobile-friendly websites years back, continuing to operate a desktop-centric website carries substantial opportunity cost.

website mobile friendly imageData shows many web users now turn to mobile devices as their preferred mode for searching, browsing and buying. If your site isn’t fully responsive delivering an excellent user experience on smartphones, you are likely missing out on connecting with a major segment.

Giving your website a refresh with responsive design for seamless mobile operation can draw in greater qualified traffic while lifting conversions across devices.

5) Your Branding and Messaging Needs Sharpening

Even if your website checks the boxes across design, content, and functionality, it may fail to cultivate your desired brand image in the mind of visitors.

Are you confident your website colors, fonts, imagery, tone, and other branding elements align to convey who you are as a product or service provider? If not, now is the time to revisit these crucial branding considerations through a website refresh.

Doing so will enable you to put your company’s best foot forward from that initial click driving stronger engagement and recall.

As questions arise about how best to approach refreshing your company’s website, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have the expertise to guide you through updates tailored to elevating engagement, nurturing, and conversions from your key audiences.

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