How to Create Buyer Personas

buyer personas

How to Create Buyer Personas How to create buyer personas does not have to be complicated and offer many benefits. Creating buyer personas, or profiles of your typical customers, is key to segmenting your target market. Buyer personas are fictional representations of classes of customers, defined by shared demographics, interests, needs, and behaviors. They help […]

Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors

digital marketing for financial advisors - financial services

Boost Your Digital Marketing & Grow Digital marketing for financial advisors is complicated by the regulatory requirements of the industry. Regulation aside, the goal financial advisors is to create awareness, stand-out to their target audience, and educate future customers on products and services that can be complex. Competition also require financial advisors to stay relevant […]

Sales Lead Types: How Segmentation Helps Improve Outcomes

sales lead

Defining different sales lead types will improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing teams.  For smaller organization sales and marketing are more likely to be the same person. Five Sales Lead Types: Marketing Lead: Any potential customer you know something about. New leads can include a visitor to your website who entered their email […]