Speaker Beyond Dreaming Seminar

Speaker Beyond Dreaming Seminar: Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Speaker Beyond Dreaming Seminar

On Oct 15, at Stone Mountain Evergreen Marriott, Ray Cobb, owner of JBM Marketing Solutions, will be a featured  speaker at the Beyond Dreaming Entrepreneurship & Leadership Seminar. The two day event will feature topics on finance, entrepreneurship, marketing and more.  This event created by The Gregory B. Levett, Sr. Family Foundation to support college students.  Currently, The Levett Foundation is supporting Clayton State University with an endowment geared toward minority students. For many Clayton State students, they will be the first in their family to obtain a degree. This is not only life-changing for them, but it will ultimately change the trajectory of their family for generations to come. The endowed scholarship ensures that each year students are receiving a scholarship to help make this possible. Join us!

Beyond dreaming

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