Sales Lead Types: How Segmentation Helps Improve Outcomes

Defining different sales lead types will improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing teams.  For smaller organization sales and marketing are more likely to be the same person.

Five Sales Lead Types:

Marketing Lead:

Any potential customer you know something about. New leads can include a visitor to your website who entered their email address, someone who stops by your booth at a trade show and gives you their card or you swipe their attendee badge, or it could be someone who walks into your brick and mortar locations and signs up for your mailing list.

Sales Lead:

A lead with whom you’re having an active conversation. This lead could be signed up for your email lists and shows engagement with clicks and opens. They can be following you on social media, or perhaps you have had a telephone conversation with them.

Nurturing Lead:

A potential customer who’s not interested in buying right now, but does anticipate a future need. You keep in contact with this lead by sending them additional info — maybe a newsletter, product announcement, or upcoming webinar schedule — so they remember your company when it comes time to make a purchase.

Case Study:  A single location eye doctor, in an affluent Atlanta suburb found her revenue starting to level off. Since opening three years ago, she acquired over 400 patients.   JBC focused on two aspects of opportunity. First a plan to attract new patients and second, a patient nurturing/cross-sell program.  We launched  digital marketing and social media campaigns – Google search ads/Reviews and Facebook targeting employees/visitors to the surrounding employment center).  Next, we implement an email capture process for patients and created a nurturing program for patients – eye exam anniversaries, appointments, cross-sell for new eyewear and more.

The results after one year was an average of 30 new qualified leads a month and 6 new patients per month.  With a patient LTV of $1,150 for patients purchasing eyewear, the program added $82,000 in incremental revenue


A lead who has decided they are not interested in what you have to offer.  You may want to develop an annual nurturing program to gauge interest one year.  If there are still not interested, then its best to move them onto your inactive email list.

Qualified Sales Lead:

Good news — a qualified lead is someone who has shown interest in your offerings and wants to do business with your company. Qualified leads are also known as sales leads.

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