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Portfolio Project Description:

US Asset Management is a fast growing wealth management firm. The company needed a website that reflected its desired client base. Following launch of the firm’s website, we outlined a wealth advisor marketing strategy to attract more potential clients to the firm.

Portfolio Focus:

Our engagement spanned a multifaceted approach, comprising a redesign of the website, continuous website maintenance, strategic marketing consultations, and the adept implementation of digital marketing solutions.

A key component of our strategy was the judicious use of digital advertising and email marketing. The well-executed Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign further amplified our reach, drawing in prospective clients and enhancing the overall brand presence.

Additionally, we implemented a customized email marketing program focused on client retention and driving advocacy. By regularly sending targeted and personalized email content, we were able to deepen customer relationships. This included drip campaigns to guide clients through the customer lifecycle, special re-engagement emails for at-risk churn customers, and loyalty incentives to increase referrals.

We meticulously tracked email metrics like open, clickthrough and conversion rates to optimize the ongoing messaging. This retention email marketing strategy increased year over year retention by 2% and an additional 3 client referrals YOY. By combining digital advertising to acquire new leads with strategic email nurturing, the customer lifetime value is expected to increased due to an additional 12 months as an active client.

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