community bank marketing

Community Bank
Atlanta Georgia

Portfolio Project Description:

Leveraging our extensive expertise in corporate finance and commercial banking, Touchmark Bank entrusted us with a crucial role during its De Novo phase. Embracing an outsourcing strategy to streamline its startup operations, the bank sought our guidance over a three-year period. We spearheaded initiatives in email marketing, branding, and event management to fortify Touchmark Bank’s market presence and strategic positioning.

Portfolio Focus:

Our focus revolved around key areas critical to Touchmark Bank’s success during its nascent stage. We specialized in:

  1. Event Planning: Millionaire Mom event.

  2. Email Marketing: Targeted to reach existing and potential female business owners. 

  3. Advertising: Developing and deploying advertising campaigns.

  4. Marketing Consultation: Provided regular assessments of the competitive landscape and offering strategic insights to refine marketing efforts.

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