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Digital Bank: National
55+ Market

Portfolio Project Description:

Digital Bank Marketing:  A well-established bank made the strategic decision to introduce a digital banking platform, extending its recognized brand to specifically target consumers aged 55 and above. This expansive initiative covered various essential aspects, spanning from the initial conceptualization to the development of a market entry strategy.  

Portfolio Focus:

Concept Development:
– In this phase of the plan, we actively defined the core concepts that set the digital bank apart. We considered factors such as the product lineup, target consumer base, channels for product demand, development of new services, geographic considerations, and brand positioning.

– We actively facilitated a market survey and brand visioning process, expanding it to include focus group research. The insights gained from this research actively shaped various aspects of the project.

Product Offering and Pricing:
– Actively crafting a new service and product offering required us to formulate innovative pricing strategies. Our objective was to actively strike a balance between competitive pricing and delivering unique value to customers within a fiercely competitive market segment.

Go-to-Market Strategy:
– We actively designed the go-to-market strategy to leverage digital channels, establish strategic partnerships, target specific demographics, and actively execute effective initial outreach efforts.  All essential to digital bank marketing

Branding Story Development:
– After completing the naming process, we actively shifted our focus to crafting a compelling narrative around the brand.

Vendor Selection Process:
– The digital bank initiative actively provided senior management with an opportunity to broaden the vendor selection process beyond the traditional Jack Henry product set. We engaged external partners to actively evaluate each technological offering.

Marketing Strategy:
– Our marketing strategy actively encompassed digital channels, content creation, social media engagement, and strategic events and promotions.

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