E-Commerce Strategy And Marketing Automation

What makes your eCommerce strategy different from the gal in the virtual warehouse next to you? No need to guess – it’s marketing automation. By using one of the many powerful automation tools for your eCommerce, you can easily boost your ROI. This step is number 2 in the buyer’s journey. So how does marketing automation help?

Segmenting Data to Identify Your Best Leads

A marketing automation platform allows you to prioritize your leads, helping you to reach out to the most interested buyers first. Marketing automation provides you with the ability to identify and track the behavior of individual visitors to your site – providing you with insights on the devices they’re using, how well they’re engaging with your emails and content, their current and future activity on your website, and more. This insight can be used to develop tailored campaigns to specific shoppers or buyer personas of those most likely to buy your product(s).

Data Management

Marketing automation combines CRM capabilities with behavioral email. This makes it possible to create email campaigns that change as the buyer’s interest or stage in the purchase cycle changes. The data is easily scored to prioritize leads, images and text in emails can be changed dynamically and landing pages for specific stages are easy to prepare. “Smart” emails for personalized communication are ideal following a phone call or as follow-up to in-person meeting. Additionally, detailed campaign tracking allows you to see what is working and where improvements in the communications plan can be updated.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Program

Shopping cart abandonment is where marketing automation really stands out and something all of the large retailers use. Cart abandonment happens when a potential buyer visits your website, selects an item(s) for purchase, and then leaves the site for some reason – maybe they were interrupted or simply plan to make the purchase later. Many times the buyer simply does not come back to complete their transaction. According to a report from Statista.com, 75% of shopping carts were abandoned in the second quarter of 2016. With marketing automation you can design trigger emails to notify shoppers when they’ve left their carts behind and entice them back with a compelling reminder or a discount offer.

Expand Your Strategy

Let the many features of marketing automation deliver the type of customer experience buyers expect and is an easy way to expand your eCommerce strategy. Close more business, improve ROI, and attract and retain customers.

Learn how one of the many marketing automation may be right for your business. Marketing automation is the next level for many companies looking to grown their top-line and to add efficiencies to operations.

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