Customer Lifetime Value Analysis: Boosting Marketing ROI

life time value

Most companies understand the importance of marketing to drive growth. However, determining the right marketing budget can be tricky. Spending too little restricts growth potential. But overspending can lead to negative returns on marketing investments. This is where customer lifetime value (LTV) comes in. By projecting the revenue a customer will generate over their lifetime, […]

From Startup to Scaleup: Creating a Sales Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Atlanta digital marketing startup

You’re an Atlanta digital marketing start-up that just landed a major contract. You hired staff to fulfill it and gained other six-figure customers. You believe you have product-market fit and want to expand. Your plan is to hire a CSO, SDRs, and a marketing specialist. You’ll onboard the CSO first to then hire and train […]

Atlanta Marketing Solutions

Atlanta digital marketing

As a small business owner in Atlanta, you know how competitive it can be to make your brand stand out. An effective strategy and tried-and-true techniques from a digital marketing agency can help create an impeccable branding and marketing campaign for your company. By finding the right Atlanta digital marketing agency and utilizing useful digital […]