Reshaping and Reviving Your Brand

Reshaping and Reviving Your Brand

A Deep Dive into Effective Strategies The business world is ever-evolving, making it essential to keep your brand fresh and appealing. Whether you’re a budding startup or a seasoned company, breathing new life into your brand can stimulate growth and engagement. Here are some critical strategies to help you get started. Signaling a New Direction […]

Expert Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors

financial advisor marketing

Marketing Tips for Financial Advisor Seeking To Grow Their Portfolio As a financial advisor, growing your portfolio of clients is an essential part of the job. While asking existing clients for referrals is one strategy, it has the potential to make clients uncomfortable. Instead, consider alternative tactics for getting new business: Host Client+1 Appreciation Events […]

The Consumer Decision Journey Navigated: From Awareness to Advocacy

Decision Journey

In the realm of business, understanding and optimizing the customer journey is paramount. A recent dinner meeting with business owner friends sparked a discussion on marketing strategies, revealing a common focus on selling rather than comprehending the intricacies of the consumer decision journey. To redirect their approach, I shared insights from a McKinsey & Co. […]