Website Design Feeling Stale? A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Help Revitalize It

Website Design

For most companies, your website is arguably your most valuable marketing asset. It’s likely the first touchpoint for connecting with prospective clients and serves as the online representation of your brand. But over weeks and months of continual operation, even the shiniest websites can start to lose their luster. If your company’s website hasn’t been […]

From Startup to Scaleup: Creating a Sales Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Atlanta digital marketing startup

You’re an Atlanta digital marketing start-up that just landed a major contract. You hired staff to fulfill it and gained other six-figure customers. You believe you have product-market fit and want to expand. Your plan is to hire a CSO, SDRs, and a marketing specialist. You’ll onboard the CSO first to then hire and train […]

Lead Segmentation Can Drive Marketing and Sales

lead segmentation

For both marketing and sales teams, understanding your leads is absolutely critical for driving real business growth. That’s where lead segmentation comes in. Lead segmentation is the process of dividing your leads into distinct groups based on shared attributes like demographics, behaviors, interests, and more. This enables more personalized, relevant messaging and experiences for each […]