Lead Segmentation

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Defining different types of leads will improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing teams.  For smaller organization sales and marketing are more likely to be the same person. Five Types of Sales Leads: Marketing Lead: Any potential customer you know something about. New leads can include a visitor to your website who entered their …

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The modern customer relationship Not too long ago the purchase of new flat screen when like this; you’d go a retailer like Best Buy and ask a salesperson what flat screen TVs they had. You’d select one, pay for it, and take it home watch your favorite shows. Today things are different. Now when a …

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Lead Generation

Thanks for visiting our page. Growing your business the right way is important. This is a really good overview of lead generation. Although Salesforce is priced for large companies, you can’t beat the explanation. It’s spot on! For small to mid sized businesses there’s Hubspot, ActivveCampaign, Ontraport, or Infusionsoft. Need help with deciding which is …

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