How to Create Buyer Personas

buyer personas

How to Create Buyer Personas How to create buyer personas does not have to be complicated and offer many benefits. Creating buyer personas, or profiles of your typical customers, is key to segmenting your target market. Buyer personas are fictional representations of classes of customers, defined by shared demographics, interests, needs, and behaviors. They help […]

How to Grow Your Business with Lead Generation

lead generation

The modern customer relationship Not too long ago the purchase of new flat screen when like this; you’d go a retailer like Best Buy and ask a salesperson what flat screen TVs they had. You’d select one, pay for it, and take it home watch your favorite shows. Today things are different. Now when a […]

Foundation of Lead Generation is Relationship Building

foundation lead generation

Doing Business In the Attention Economy How long after waking up do you check your mobile?  Probably not long.  First thing in the morning someone is vying for your attention. The reality is people have only so much attention to give. Nonetheless, businesses are constantly battling to catch the eyes and ears of potential customers. […]