Customer Lifetime Value Analysis: Boosting Marketing ROI

life time value

Most companies understand the importance of marketing to drive growth. However, determining the right marketing budget can be tricky. Spending too little restricts growth potential. But overspending can lead to negative returns on marketing investments. This is where customer lifetime value (LTV) comes in. By projecting the revenue a customer will generate over their lifetime, […]

Data Analytics: Strength in Numbers

data analytics

Strength in Numbers: Growing and Strategizing With Data Analytics For businesses operating in the digital space, data analytics are a crucial necessity that can help you to optimize your work processes, gain insights into your customers and innovate beyond your competitors. If you can leverage data sets intelligently, it’s possible to sharpen all areas of […]

Chairman Private Colleges & Universities Authority

Private Colleges & Universities Authority

Greetings, Georgia! I am incredibly honored and excited to have been elected as the new chairman of the Private College s and Universities Authority of Georgia. This Authority plays a critical role in supporting higher education in our state by managing bond financing programs that provide private colleges and universities with access to low-cost capital […]